Bella - The Bedroom You've Always Wanted

There’s so much to a bedroom to sleep and dream. With BA they come true you know. Sanctuary and sleep over. Rest, renewal, reinvigoration. Wake up to something different.
BA bedrooms by Zurfiz, Bella and Glidor brimful of colour and textures. Those memories! Relaxing and inspiring. Everything from intense pools of glossy colour through to the most delicate shades that brighten and inspire even the darkest of days. Warm comforting, earthy tones and textures, the
special grains of natural woodland colours breathe life in your home.
Our designers recognise this, because we listen. Choice, inspiration, colour a variety of designs. We deliver bedrooms that complement and create space; using colour and textures to allow you to have the bedroom you’ve always wanted. Contemporary Life or Timeless Classics, we’ve got it covered.

Bella Bedroom Styles

Call it contemporary life or timeless classic. Let Bella be in your home. Something for every taste. Flexibility of colour and style, endless combinations. Let the craft inflect your choice. The only decision is the decision of a Bella bedroom.

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